Scott Pampuch to host 'In Search of Food' TV show

Chef and restaurateur Scott Pampuch surprised fans when he announced this summer that he was leaving his Kingfield neighborhood restaurant, Corner Table, to cook at Bloomington's Minnesota Valley Country Club. Turns out, the outspoken local food advocate was far from done with the surprises. This week he announced via his Twitter and Facebook feeds that he is filming a television show.

The show is the second season of In Search of Foodwhich airs on Ovation. Last year Pampuch appeared as a guest when season one host and chef, Barton Seaver, filmed an episode in Minnesota.

Last weekend he traveled to Virginia to interview Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, who advocates holistic animal husbandry, including pasturing the cattle, focusing on healthy grass for healthy animals.

According to Stephanie March, upcoming episodes will include traveling to Boulder to meet with Ann Cooper the Renegade Lunch Lady and to California to meet with a "celebrity vegan."

Episodes are scheduled to premiere in March.

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