Scott Pampuch, from farm to table to ... Milwaukee? [UPDATED]

Scott Pampuch, the celebrated chef  who owned and operated Corner Table for seven years and a champion of farm-to-table eating, will be leaving the Twin Cities for a new job in Milwaukee.

His new title will be director of food and beverage at The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee. Which means he'll no longer be working with the farmers and farms who have grown with him throughout his career. Worse, we're no longer going to have access to his tasty food.

Here are more details on his departure, and on his contributions to the Twin Cities food scene.

Pampuch has been a man with a mission, a strong advocate and ambassador for local eating. He has been outspoken about that philosophy throughout his career, which has taken him from culinary school to the Modern Cafe to chef-owner of Corner Table. He had most recently been working at the Minnesota Valley Country Club. His ambitious goal at the club had been to prove that fine dining on that scale could still be done with local ingredients. Seems it worked, as he'll need those skills in his new job.

Along the way he's garnered awards and a long list of farmer partners. And his culinary star continues to rise, from his inclusion in the glossy pages of Primal Cuts, Melissa Guggiana's book covering the best meat purveyors across the country, to appearing in and eventually hosting the Ovation Channel's In Search of Food program.

Twin Cities diners will have a few more opportunities to work with Pampuch locally. He will continue to teach his Provisions class at Kitchen in the Market, and he will be co-hosting an Outstanding in the Field dinner with Mike Phillips (his pork soul brother) on August 9 at Little Foot Farm. Tickets are still available here for $200.

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