Schwan's lays off 52: Are we at risk of losing an icon?


I don't know about you, but I practically grew up on Schwan's. My frends still remember coming over for cheese-filled bread rings (a cup of marinara cozily plopped in the center hole) as an after-school snack. It was a real social asset from like age 12-14. Thanks, Mom!

So hearing that the company's laying people off for the second time in only a few months comes with some small sense of anxiety and loss, especially because the company's local - based in Marshall, where all 52 jobs in this latest round have been eliminated, bringing the grand total to 182.

I'm probably moreso just pre-nostagic about the possibility of losing the bragging rights I get by still, to this day, being able to gorge on stuffed mini pretzels (Schwan's is big on the mini), Raspberry Rumble ice cream and frozen cinnamon rolls when I visit my parents.

Schwan's reassured me (yes, they reassured me) that they still have 20,000 employees nationwide, about 4,000 in Minnesota alone. The layoffs represent less than 2 percent of its Marshall employees, a hard hit no question, but one that doesn't seem likely to keep my parents' latest Schwan's man from coming knocking every other Thursday, at least not any time soon.

Keep on kicking, Schwan's!