Schumachers RIP

Schumachers Hotel and Grill 212, located in an elegant, 1891 Cass Gilbert-designed building in New Prague, had been skating on thin ice for quite some time (there's a reason the Schumachers closed the place in 2005 and spent several years trying to sell the building). Unfortunately, the historic gem closed last weekend with a Facebook posting blaming irreversible forces:

A combination of factors led us into a perfect storm. The sluggish economy and Kathleen's breast cancer diagnosis just months after launching our new business converged and we can no longer ride out the storm.

We have so appreciated your patronage, love and support.

The Czech-style roast duck--an item that had been on the menu since the hotel opened more than a century ago--will be the most-missed, with its delightfully tender meat and a crackling, fatty-crisp skin.

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