School's Out: Kids Eat Free Today at Blue Plate Restaurants

Load up a child, any child, and head to lunch.

Load up a child, any child, and head to lunch.

So it's cold enough that Minneapolis schools are closed for the day (though not St. Paul schools, you hardy lot!) and you want to take this opportunity to put on all the clothes in your closet and never leave the woolly cocoon of your bed. Besides, your car probably wouldn't start anyway.

But if you happen to be out and about, and you happen to have a young Minneapolitan in tow, Blue Plate Restaurant Group is offering free food to any school-sprung tot with a paying grown-up.

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There are some stipulations of course: The offer is valid today only, and the free meal only applies to the kids' menu, and it's only available for dining in, and said freeloading child must be accompanied by a paying adult (read: you gotta order something as well). But if you find yourself in the right place at the right time you can get a freebie, a little something to ease the skin-burning, toe-numbing pain of this recent cold front.

Here's a list of participating Blue Plate Restaurants: The Lowry Scusi Edina Grill Highland Grill Freehouse Longfellow Grill Groveland Tap 3 Squares

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