Scena Tavern: Italian and Crudo Plus Two Big-Name Chef Consultants

Jamie Malone knows how to plate that crudo.

Jamie Malone knows how to plate that crudo.

While the whole town has gone Italian and crudo crazy with three (now, four) upcoming places with that concept, Paul Dzubnar is hardly late to the party.

He owns the Green Mill, which has 27 local outlets, including a handful of other casual spots like the Crooked Pint Ale House and Town Hall Brewery. But now he's ready to go swank, and he's tapped Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson to assist.

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If the Twin Cities gets anymore Italian/crudo restaurants, we're all going to be strangling in spaghetti. And come summer, we'll be able to play restaurant roulette -- around and around it goes, where it stops, nobody knows, but how many can be the winner? How many restaurants with similar concepts can our community support? Time will tell.

For now, the scoop on Scena:

Where: 2943 Girard Ave. S.

The Drinks: By Nick Kosevich and the Bittercube team, and local brewskis, natch, but Bittercube has a bunch of tricks up their tailored shirt sleeves, or rather, poured into their fancy atomizers. Artisanal and historical cocktails will be paired specifically to go with the crudo.

The Food: Mediterranean, fresh pasta, and (more!) crudo, all prepared in open kitchen settings.

The Space: 7,500 feet of open kitchen, tall ceilings, circular bars, and a large patio.

The chefs: Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson have been working on their own spot, Brut, and it should open sometime this year. But because they are cooks, and this is what they do, they've accepted this gig as consultants. And remember that they were some of the first to tinker around with crudo at Sea Change long before it became the textbook cool-kid thing to tinker with of the year. They will be selecting an official executive chef as the project nears opening.

Jamie Malone was Food & Wine Magazine's Best New Chef of 2013, and formerly worked at Sea Change and Porter & Frye. Erik Anderson was Food & Wine Magazine's Best New Chef of 2012, and is formerly of the Catbird Seat, Sea Change, and Porter & Frye.

Opens late summer/early fall, serving lunch, dinner, and late night.

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