Scammer sells Godfathers Pizza ovens on Craigslist

A guy named "Gary" got the Godfather.

A guy named "Gary" got the Godfather.

The owners of a defunct, mafia-branded pizza joint recently nearly had their ovens stolen--and the swindled buyers are out $6,400.

KSTP talked to the Fridley police, who explained how the scam went down: the suspect broke into the closed Godfathers Pizza on University Avenue, changed the locks on the door, and put an ad up on Craigslist to sell the pizza ovens he didn't own.

He met the buyers, completed the sale, and disappeared. The next day, the property manager noticed movers in the process of removing the pizza ovens and called the cops. The phone number associated with the ad was for a throw-away cell; the computer's IP address was fake--it traced back to a cemetery in Los Angeles.

The buyers were only able to give a minimal description of the con man, who said his name was "Gary" and had brown hair and wore glasses.