Say a final farewell to Saffron with this touching tribute [VIDEO]


Sameh Wadi won't be holding down this particular kitchen anymore. Tom Wallace/ Star Tribune

Saffron, the groundbreaking Middle Eastern restaurant by Sameh and Saed Wadi, celebrated its final service on Saturday night.

It was a bittersweet moment for anyone who knew and loved the sense of place, the cooking, the people of this one-of-a kind Minneapolis eatery.

Bitter, because no more lamb brains and otherworldly hummus. Sweet, because the Wadi brothers always land on their feet and do something more interesting, more innovative, and more badass than the thing before (see World Street Kitchen and Milkjam for proof). 

Still, ten years is a long time to grow to love a place. Sameh was only 22 when he opened Saffron, meaning he has spent the bulk of his adult life there. This touching video captures a bit of the bustle, the happiness, and the sadness of closing night.

Good night, Saffron.

Saffron Restaurant & Lounge from JustTheTip_MN on Vimeo.

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