Savor the season: DIY lilac gin


As the lilacs reach their peak and start to fade, it is painful to say goodbye. Yet for everything there is a season and all that hoo-haw. Here's one way to preserve the sweet perfume of our fave spring flowers for just a little while longer by infusing lilacs into your liquor.

What you need:
Gin (or vodka if preferred)
mason jar

What you do:
First, remove lilac blooms from stem.Next, place blooms in a swatch of cheesecloth and tie cheesecloth into a sachet. Place sachet in a mason jar, then fill jar with gin. Let this steep for 1-3 days  depending on how much lilac essence you want--a light infusion will be achieved overnight, deep flavor will take longer. Your infusion will be light tea colored, lushly floral, and fragrant.

How to serve:
Mix with tonic, garnish with lilac blooms and lemon. Or, mix with simple syrup to taste (1 part sugar, 1 part water--simmered then cooled), club soda and lime. Or better yet, come up with your own recipe and share it with us at Hot Dish.

Don't forget to drink your cocktail outdoors while experiencing total bliss. Peace out.