Saucy pork lover invents McRib locator

Alan Klein is a Minneapolis-area man with a hankering that can only be fulfilled with prefabricated, boneless-yet-oddly-ribbed-shaped sandwiches.

Alan Klein is a McRib enthusiast.

And to help his fellow chasers of the scarce, limited edition sandwich, Klein has created a McRib Locator. This appetite-whetting map tracks "McRib sightings" throughout the continental United States. It even includes a way to report "false McRib sightings," which gives the McRib map slightly more authenticity than the Bigfoot Locator.

As Klein recently told Maxim (they're still publishing that?) for an article called, "The Cult of the McRib" in the February 2009 issue: "My inspiration came a year ago when some friends of mind were having a hard time finding McRibs," says Klein, described by the lad mag as a "Minneapolis-area meteorologist and hardcore pork enthusiast."

A quick glance at his site and I noticed that only one McRib has been sighted in Minnesota within the past 10 days--in Minneapolis, on Jan. 14, by "Ira." Meanwhile, the East Coast and Cali are getting second helpings of McRib love.


Considering that McDonalds is headquartered in Illinois, I'm shocked that the Midwest has been denied its fair share of McRib.

The McRib was immortalized as the "Ribwich" on the Simpsons: