Sassy Spoon Opens February 4 and Will Serve Plenty of Lard

Sassy Spoon the food truck was big, pink, and served a menu with a wholesome bent (chef/ owner Tamara Brown is a former nutritionist).

Sassy Spoon the restaurant is little, pink, and still serves that nutritious food, plus booze.

And here are a few other things you may not know about the new Nokomis spot, opening February 4.

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1. You heard right: There will be no gluten. The entire menu is gluten free. Brown says she gets asked this question a lot, and yes, rest assured, no gluten served here. Not even the pizza crust, which is made from mashed yucca and tapioca flour, or the spaghetti squash bolognese.

2. Brunch is served. Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A sneak peek from that menu: gluten-free crepes with choice of fillings. "I think they taste pretty close to the real thing," promises Brown.

3. Pig fat rules. Sassy Spoon will not be using any refined vegetable oils in their cooking, and instead will use only lard, olive oil, coconut oil and butter.


"Things like soybean oil are really, really processed and it's not a natural way to get fat. It's also made from commodity crops. Is it more damaging to your system long term? More inflammatory? This is just the point of view that I have, I'm not saying it's the only way to do it. But lard is completely natural. You just melt it down and it's literally already fat, it requires no processing. Even years ago, on the farm, that's how they would have been getting their fat."

4. Again, pig fat rules. Just because their food is wholesome doesn't mean they aren't allowed to have some fun. They'll be serving up a dessert of vanilla Sweet Science Ice Cream with honey and pork cracklins. "You know how when you render lard you get cracklins at the bottom of the pan? And you don't get that many so when it's gone, it's gone." 5. Toast to gluten-free booze. No beer on tap, yet. She's tinkering with the idea of adding taps depending on demand, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, swill Burning Brother's Pyro, Loon Juice Cider, Red Stone Mead, and a handful of other picks, including two red wines and one white wine. There's a six-seat bar in addition to the 35-seat dining room.

Sassy Spoon 5011 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis

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