Sarah Palin named keynote speaker for wine and spirits convention

Wonder how much bacon Sarah Palin's gonna bring home on this one? The former vice-presidential candidate and brand spanking new FOX News commentator can now add a "Keynote speaker, 2010 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention" badge to her sash of accomplishments. The group issued a vaguely-worded statement announcing the snag.

"Governor Palin is a great supporter of America's free enterprise system and understands that industries like the beverage alcohol industry play a key role in driving our national economy. We're proud and honored to welcome her as a speaker," stated Craig Wolf, WSWA's president and CEO. "We expect she will share with the convention attendees her analysis of the current political environment and her vision for America's future," Wolf added.

Doesn't sound very rogue to us. Perhaps more compelling than the likely ridiculous sum she will earn to speak at the Las Vegas event this summer is the puzzling question of exactly what wisdom she'll have to impart to attendees?

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