Salty Tart, Wedge Co-op key lime pie fight

We've been waiting for the Smack Shack to carry key lime pie from the Salty Tart, but no such sweet luck. We decided to risk special ordering the pie from the Salty Tart, pitting it against the Wedge's key lime pie, which they sell whole and by the slice. Here's where we found the best sweet-tart treat.

Wedge Co-op The Wedge sells its whole key lime pie for $19.99. This pie's pretty: edge with whipped cream and adorned with slices of lemons, it will have pie lovers salivating before they even set fork in it. But its flavor lacks universal appeal: while some liked the limey flavor, others found it overly tart. The crust was an underwhelming accompaniment, thin and more oily than crumbly.

Salty Tart, Wedge Co-op key lime pie fight
A.J. Olmscheid

Salty Tart The Salty Tart's key lime pie, which we special ordered, costs $19.40 after tax. The pie didn't have the usual scalloped edge of whipped cream, but was covered with a luxurious layer of cream over the whole pie, flecked with vanilla bean seeds. The consistency of the pie filling was more creamy than gelatinous, with a balance of sweet and citrusy tart flavor. Its crust, though, was the real crowd-pleaser: a graham cracker crumble perfectly proportioned to the pie's filling.

Salty Tart, Wedge Co-op key lime pie fight
A.J. Olmscheid

The winner: If you have the time to special order a pie, the Salty Tart is worth it - pretty in a rustic way, with balanced flavors and a good crust-filling ratio. The Wedge pie isn't bad if you're looking for something to pick up at the co-op, and you can also get it by the slice.

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