Salty Tart ups the ante with a Surly cupcake

Michelle Gayer of the Salty Tart knows how to make a mean cupcake. Thanks to a little help from Twin Cities' own Surly Brewing Company, she knows how to make a Furious one, too.

A couple of months ago, Michelle decided to switch out the Guinness in her chocolate cupcakes for Surly Furious, an India Pale Ale that's heavy on the hops—and the results were…let's see, how do we put this…extremely yummy. Filled with sour cream, heavy cream, and honey, and topped with a butter-based fudge frosting, the cupcake doesn't scream beer—but it tastes like nothing you've ever eaten.

"Anything to have a full bar at the bakery," Michelle says. In addition to the beer cupcakes, she makes a spiced rum cupcake and loves to soak seasonal fruits like cherries and cranberries in bourbon.

For the optimal Surly cupcake experience, she recommends letting it sit for a bit before you dig in.

"Room temperature is huge," she says. "Things are dull when they're super cold. The flavor is a little bit flatter. Give it a second to warm up."

This isn't surprising, as many beers also don't reveal their full depth until they've been out of the fridge for a while.

So why Surly?

"They have a funny name like us. They're pissed just like us," Michelle jokes. "Surly is a small, local business, just like us. They're passionate about what they do, and they're making a go of it, and I'm all about that—because I'm that as well."

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