Salty Tart expands to south Minneapolis, the airport, and beyond (hint: soft serve!)

Expansion for Salty Tart means greater opportunity for rhubarb pie obsession.

Expansion for Salty Tart means greater opportunity for rhubarb pie obsession. Facebook

Salty Tart is the wee but mighty Midtown Global Market bakery where our own Michelle Gayer is a nationally recognized baker churning out the loveliest things.

What things? Banana Cream pie (watch her on July 7 where she goes up against celebrity chef Bobby Flay in a banana cream pie battle on the Food Network television show Battle Bobby Flay). Also: cupcakes with the butteriest buttercream frosting, million-layer croissants, monkey bread like your mother never made, and so much more.

The bakery has been cramped in the middle of a too-small Midtown Global Market space for nine years. It’s high time they expanded.

First, there will be an airport storefront in the strangely named “Food Truck Alley” (there are no actual food trucks and even if there were, Salty Tart does not have a truck). The bakery is set to open there on Friday, and in addition to all of the Salty Tart standards there will be macarons for gifting to whomever is at the other end of your flight, and breakfast sandwiches for gifting yourself when you’re safely buckled into that early morning seat.

Perhaps more exciting is their new commissary bakery in south Minneapolis. The 4,000 square-foot space will mean spreading their wings in a way they could only previously dream of.

“So it’s like, yes, Wayzata, yes, St. Paul,” Gayer explained.

Yes, to more butter cream cupcakes all over the metro!

The Midtown Global Market bakery will now be a kiosk near the Rabbit Hole, rather than the entire baking operation, but do not fear— all of the same product will be available, including custom cakes and the baguettes you cannot live without.

As far as the commissary space is concerned, Gayer is still unsure as to whether it will have a storefront element or not. “I might fuckin’ just throw some pies in the window and call it a day!”

If she does that, it will be a great opportunity to push to new heights her Power, Corruption, and Pies pop-up concept that she’s been running at Hola Arepa for a few years.

“I did that because I thought people should be eating more pie.”

Sage words, right? At the moment, she’s “obsessed” with chocolate chess and strawberry rhubarb pie. Another current obsession: soft-serve ice cream. “You pull the lever and magic comes out!” She’s tinkering with the idea of bringing her obsession to the people, but like all of the rest of her changes (aside from that Friday opening at the airport) this is in flux, and there is no firm timeline.

Which gives her more time to perfect those obsessions. Currently, it’s pistachio soft serve with raspberry swirls “and some sort of cookie crumble.”

“Right?! Am I right?” she asks, inviting my approval.

Absolutely. Right.

Get Salty Tart pastries and treats currently at the Midtown Global Market and the Mill City Farmer’s Market and beginning on Friday, June 7 at the Minneapolis/ St. Paul International airport in Concourse E.

The new commissary kitchen (with pie window potentially coming soon) will be located at 2940 Harriet Avenue South in Minneapolis.

612-874- 9206