Salt of the Earth at Fuji Ya: Keep some resolutions with this drink of the week

The Salt of the Earth is a cocktail that thinks outside the bento box.

The Salt of the Earth is a cocktail that thinks outside the bento box.

The Salt of the Earth Fuji Ya $9

While the overzealous are busy piling on the resolutions and cutting out indulgences cold turkey, savvy sippers around the Cities can keep their New Year's promises by sticking to the motto "everything in moderation." Instead of the usual beer, burger, and fries, pare things down at Fuji Ya with some sleek and slim sushi, and the Salt of the Earth, a strange and savory cocktail made with so many "healthy" ingredients you can safely justify the booze a mere two days in to your 2014 cleanse.

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If any of your myriad resolutions include packing in your five veggies a day, you're in luck: The Salt of the Earth is brimming with dirt candy, from the fresh muddled cucumber to the edamame. Add a few fingers worth of gin and cucumber-infused sake, and it's practically a health shake. The cocktail is rounded out with a punch of citrus from the yuzu sour, and finished with caviar-like savory soy pearls for an unexpected salty pop.

Sip this strangely delicious cocktail alongside a platter of Fuji Ya's house pickles for a happy hour treat that hits all the five flavors and then some. Resolved to relax more in the new year? Crushed cucumber and botanical gin are as refreshing and restorative as a day at the spa (almost), so have a seat and unwind from the stresses of the season at the gleaming sushi bar. Made a promise to be more adventurous? You'll feel like the Andrew Zimmern of cocktails diving in to this drink, with its yuzu sour and its soy pearls. Whatever your big plans are this year, kick things off with a toast to the drinks that make our drinking scene worth toasting.

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