Salmonella culprit dinged by Minn. agencies

Minnesota health officials last week exposed King Nut peanut butter as responsible for the recent salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds nationally and is thought to be responsible for the death of an elderly Minnesota woman.

The tag team effort between the state's Department of Health and its Department of Agriculture has been recognized by heavy-hitter news outlets including the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

But in precious Minnesota fashion, everyone's passing the phone when it comes to accepting credit for the honorable work. "It's really a collaborative effort," says Minnesota Department of Health spokesman Doug Schultz.

"Without some of the leads, from the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and such, we might not have been able to do that." Well, we still think you guys are pretty cool, Doug.

About as far as either agency would go was: "We really have some very talented folks," from Department of Agriculture spokesman Mike Schommer. Now that's more like it!


The state's investigators - reportedly referred to by some as, hold your hats here, 'Team Diarrhea' -were also responsible for detecting the root cause of a salmonella outbreak last summer, though agency spokesmen were equally shy about this horn tooting opportunity.

After federal officials erroneously pointed the finger at tomatoes, MDH and MDA investigation led to jalapeno peppers instead.

Keep makin' us proud, Team D!