The verdict is... it's pretty good. All four flavors, Asian Pear, Green Tea, Yuzu Citrus, and Ginger Mango were light and would definitely make a good post-dinner drink. The Yuzu is really light and sweet, the Asian Pear has a very aromatic, and firm flavor, the Green Tea would perfectly replace a desert wine, and the Ginger Mango tastes like a mix of Bud Light and Red Bull (in a good way!). The wonderfully surprising thing about all of them is that you can taste the sake, but none of them taste like alcohol despite packing a respectable 7 percent ABV.


But, with all good alcoholic drinks, there is a down side. They carry the hefty price tag of $14.99 for four single-serve 6-oz. bottles. Maybe we're just not cosmopolitan enough, but that's steep, even if they do taste great. Still, if you're a sake fiend, it might be worth having the Sake2Me experience. It's not found at many places in the Twin Cities yet, but it is available at First Grand Ave Liquors (918 Grand Ave in St. Paul) and in the burbs at Apple Valley M.L.S. Liquor Store (7525 W 1thTH St in Apple Valley).

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