Saffron's Rob Jones makes the finals in national bartender competition

Who's got two thumbs and makes killer cocktails? This guy!
Who's got two thumbs and makes killer cocktails? This guy!

We said he was the Best Bartender, but perhaps the folks at GQ and Bombay Sapphire didn't hear us the first time. Now, Robert Jones, bartender at Saffron, member of our local Northstar Bartender's Guild, has made his way to the finals at the United States Bartender's Guild prestigious Most Inspired Bartender competition going down in Las Vegas right at this moment. 

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It's a stiff competition. Jones made it there by first winning the local round, where he competed against some of the best drink shakers in town. He served a delightful cocktail featuring Bombay Sapphire mixed with the juice of watermelon that he had Cryovac-ed with fresh dill, and an anise-scented Middle Eastern liqueur, that was crisp, refreshing, and creative.

Last night, he was pitted against talented bartenders from across the country. When the Top 10 were announced, Rob Jones had made the cut. Tonight, he competes for the chance to represent the United States in the the international finals.

We have long known that the Twin Cities is home to some world-class bartending talent. Cheers, Rob!

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