Saffron Family-Style Cookbook Launch Dinner Monday May 18

Sameh Wadi will present a family-style dinner "Just like at my mom's house."

Sameh Wadi will present a family-style dinner "Just like at my mom's house."

In an intimate gesture, chef Sameh Wadi will be giving the public a sneak peek into his his mom's house with an upcoming family-style dinner that he describes as pretty close to the way his large family dines when he's away from his stoves and his mom is in charge of the food.

The details:

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Not unlike most good chefs, Wadi came to cooking thanks to his mom. But perhaps more interestingly, he came to his cookbook via his mom and dad, who had started a cooking tome of their own in Palestine, many years ago. Thanks to political unrest and exodus, they were never able to publish theirs, but Wadi was able to pick up where they left off and recently published The New Mediterranean Table, now available everywhere.

Think of Monday's family-style dinner as an homage to his parents, his people, the cookbook that wasn't but now is, and his mom's table. Tickets are still available and things start at 6 p.m.

The menu:

Cucumber & Yogurt Salad rose petals and sour cherries

Marinated Peppers toasted garlic and smoked paprika

Shellfish Paella Croquettes saffron aioli and fresh lemon

Whole Roasted Lamb Shoulder with arabic spices

Jeweled Rice spiced basmati rice with saffron, nuts, herbs, dried fruit and aromatics

Roasted Carrots oil-cured black olives and cumin yogurt

Fresh Beans & Peas lemon/thyme yogurt and sumac

Roasted Peaches goat cheese and pistachios

Pistachio & Sour Cherry Baklava Roll

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