Sad About the Dearth of Local Soul Food? Help a Young Chef Change All That

Jametta Raspberry

Jametta Raspberry

Need some red beans and rice, real bad? Just jonesing for some jambalaya? Crazy for crawfish etouffe? Green with envy over greens and ham hocks? Gritting your teeth 'cause you can't get no grits? Somebody stop me, 'cause I can do this all day.

Jametta Raspberry is a local chef who, like you, has noticed that our town is lacking good soul food establishments with black chefs at the helm. She's got a plan, and here's how you can help her.

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Raspberry currently bangs her pots and pans at Crave Catering and Gastrotruck, and she's previously cooked at Fuji Ya and Fabulous Catering, and she is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. Like lots of chefs, she dreams of a place of her own, a soul food spot that reflects modern-day palates and diets.

But she's not asking for funds for a restaurant, not yet. Instead, she wants to attend the upcoming Austin, Texas Soul Summit Symposium, where African American historians and culinary professionals from across the country will discuss classic and modern interpretations of African American cuisine: A Conversation About Race, Identity, Power and Food.

"Being a part of this will allow me to represent the voice of my city as well as learn how we can continue to uphold and respect the African American foodways and traditions," Raspberry explains. "Your contributions will allow me to learn and understand what some other major cities have done to overcome cultural divides and continue the legacy of soul food cuisine. As part of the next generation of African American female chefs, my goal is to examine African American culinary history with some of today's greatest thinkers and chefs. My hope is to bring that inspiration back to Minneapolis and change the perception of black cuisine to more than just soul food."

She's saved up enough money to cover airfare, and she's asking for $950 to cover the other expenses of the trip, which she's itemized here:

$175 x 2 nights hotel including estimated taxes and fees

$275 admission fee

$80 airport transfer

$150 join WCR membership

$95 for Incidentals

There are 13 days left in the campaign. You can contribute here.

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