Roundtable CW to open coffee roasting manufactory and storefront


Coffee snobs, grab your mugs. Shawn Person, of Moonshine Coffee, is in the midst of readying a space at 2386 Territorial Road, near the corner of Raymond and University, to become a kind of community kitchen for the coffee roasting set.

Roundtable Coffee Works will have a storefront where you can stop in to get a serious cuppa joe and a bun, but its purpose will be deeper than simply setting up shop. Inspired by craft guilds and collaborative workspaces, Person is creating what he calls a coffee roasting manufactory -- essentially a place that offers access to commercial roasting equipment along with guidance at whatever level is desired.

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Roundtable CW is already working with Quixotic Coffee on their roasting process and Bogart Loves on their future house brew, but come March 3, the doors will open to both the shop and the manufactory. Person says he's interested in working with people at all levels of need -- whether you want to "be a lone wolf and use the equipment one day a week to roast or you need something more involved."

He's come a long way in the business, first dreaming of getting started as a way to return to Costa Rica, where he studied abroad. Stints at Starbucks and Dunn Bros led to starting Moonshine Coffee Roasting, a Fulton Farmers Market stalwart and purveyor of beans to some local shops and businesses. The experience has taught him that he really prefers roasting and helping other people roast to owning and maintaining a traditional coffee business.

For example, he's working together with Quixotic to roast the beans that they source, so that one day they'll be ready to take over the roasting, but will keep using Roundtable's equipment. There's no membership fee, and Person says that each relationship will, "start off with an email and a conversation about what they are looking to do."

As a final push towards opening day, Roundtable is fundraising via their website. Offerings include whole bean plans, tees, mugs, thank you notes, the chance to name the house blend and even their Probatino roaster ($7K). This "pop-up" sale, as Person calls it, runs through February 17 and the hope is to raise awareness for Roundtable and bring in enough cash to purchase a larger roaster.

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