Rosedale Center's trying another food hall, but this one sounds good

Facebook: Nordic Waffles

Facebook: Nordic Waffles

Rosedale Center's last attempt at a food hall—Revolution Hall, which was backed by out-of-staters, loaded with forgettable tenants, and staffed by literal robots—lasted just eight months before shuttering in July.

The Roseville mall isn't giving up on the trendy format, however: On Thursday, plans for Potluck were unveiled. The hard pivot to all things Minnesota is obvious and refreshing, right down to the name. 

Set to open this fall, Potluck will feature a rotating cast of local restaurants, beginning with...

We think Potluck's approach sounds like a winner. But what does Lisa Crain, Rosedale Center's senior GM, think about it? 

“Food halls are dominating the conversation in retail and mixed-use development,” she says via a press release. “In response to the market and our 14 million shoppers annually, we are proud to offer this phenomenal collection of the top chefs, best food, and newest concepts to the market.”

There you have it. 

We'll keep you posted when Potluck announces an opening date.