Rosedale Center's Border's will become a food hall

Glen & Co. Architecture

Glen & Co. Architecture

Later this year, Rosedale Center is getting an innovative new food and drink option: a two-floor, open-concept corner of the mall that brings about a dozen restaurants together in the same space. 

"Now wait just a second," you may be saying. "Innovative? Rosedale Center is a mall. The thing you are describing is a mall food court."

Ha! Maybe if it was 2015!

This is no mere food court. It's a food hall. Revolution Hall, to be exact.

The sprawling, 700-seat collection of eateries in the former Border's comes from NYC-based Craveable Hospitality Group, according to The Strib's very in-depth scoop. “These suburban markets are really attractive,” Craveable's VP of culinary Matthew O’Neill told the paper. “As people become more educated about food, they’re starting to realize that great food isn’t just downtown.”

It's supposed to open this fall. When it does, Revolution will boast a noodle shop (Canal Street Noodle Co.), a coffee stand (Steel Tree Coffee), and a thin-crust pizzeria (Caputo). There's a cocktail lounge called Barrel Bar; Saltbrick will serve burgers; OceanTail Sushi and Sake Bar covers the raw-fish-dish front.

Glen & Co. Architecture

Glen & Co. Architecture

In addition to pool tables and table games, there's also going to be a salad shop, a general store, a waffle place, a ramen joint, and a taco and tequila bar. PieCaken Bakeshop will sell its cake-slash-pie-slash-frosting desserts; Handwich Shop will have... "handwiches." And the dining destination is accessible from inside and outside the mall, in case you do want a sushi burrito but don't need a new Billabong tee from Pac Sun.

It will (of course) be Instagram-friendly: Think Himalayan rock-salt-lined walls and a 50-foot metal tree sculpture.

The announcement has everyone here at CP feeling very validated in naming food halls the top dining trend of 2018 earlier this year. We have the stylish new Lynhall on Lyndale and Tim McKee’s Market House Collaborative in Lowertown and Keg & Case Market (opening September 14!) and a food hall headed for the Dayton’s Project in downtown Minneapolis—all while Malcolm Yards Market is in the works.

Now, the trend is trending so hard that it's coming to the 'burbs.