Rock-It Bike Delivery: Bringing cupcakes, booze, and mice to your door

Anything you want, as long as it's legal, 24/7
Anything you want, as long as it's legal, 24/7

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If you have ever spent time in New York, L.A., or other food-centric major metropolises, you've probably enjoyed the speed and convenience of the bike messenger services that are so popular there. For everything from important documents to birthday cakes to illegal substances, big-city folk rely on guys and gals on two wheels to bring the goods to their door. For as bike-centric as Minneapolis is, it's surprising that bike delivery isn't more prevalent, but one new company, Rock-It Bike Delivery, is trying to change that.

Their business motto is simple: "You call it, we bring it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

What will they deliver, how much will it cost, and how do you get ahold of them? Here are more details:

Rock-It Delivery's services start at just $8 an order (extra stops cost more), and they'll go pretty much anywhere within the Minneapolis city limits. 

In terms of what they'll deliver, (almost) anything goes. Sodas, takeout, bubblegum, burritos, wine, spirits, and cigarettes are all listed as examples on their Facebook page, but stranger inquiries have definitely been made. Co-founder Ben Davies tells the Downtown Journal they once delivered a live mouse for someone's hungry pet snake.

As far as more conventional orders, the company, run by four professional bike couriers, has dedicated accounts with several Minneapolis restaurants and stores, including Amazing Thailand, Sorella Wines and Spirits, Skyway Liquors, and Hell's Kitchen and Angel Food Bakery, but they'll make pickups from anywhere that will make food to-go.

Look up Rock-It Bike Delivery on Facebook to place your order for ... whatever, apparently.

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