Rob Barrett Markets: Peanut Butter Steak

I've had some luck with viral marketing.

Rob Barrett Markets: Peanut Butter Steak
rob barrett

Two years ago I shot a little cooking vid in my Eden Prairie kitchen, put it up on YouTube, and within a year or so I had been on the Today show, in the New York Times and USA Today, on countless TV cooking segments, and many other media opportunities. All that happened with no budget, no publicist, no agent, no TV experience, just hard work and endless hustling.

I don't share this to be self-congratulatory but to share a story of how much effort these hits can be. I pursued Costco for quite a while, featuring their products, sending them emails, and eventually shooting an entire episode in their store. I then called, cajoled, and generally went after the corporate office trying to get Costco to work with my show.

Finally in this month's Costco Connection, page 31, it all paid off. Well, kinda. There's a 2-inch by 5-inch "member" recipe of my Peanut Butter Steak and a quick mention of the show. While not the cover (that went to Clint Eastwood) or even a feature article (that

Rob Barrett Markets: Peanut Butter Steak

went to Steven Raichlen of Primal Grill), a mention is a mention. Or at least that's what my publicist would tell me, if I had one.

Recipe and video after the jump.

Stop by the Eden Prairie Costco on June 18. I'll be demoing this recipe live.

Rob's Peanut Butter Steak

1 to 2 lbs. top sirloin or other cut of steak. Cut into cubes about 1 inch thick

In medium bowl combine: 1/2 c. red wine vinegar 1/4 c. soy sauce 1/4 c. vegetable oil 2 spoonfuls sesame oil (optional) 4 garlic cloves 4 spoonfuls of peanut butter a couple shakes of red pepper juice of 1/2 lime

Marinate steak in peanut mixture for at least half an hour, longer if possible.

Place on skewers and grill or broil for 4 minutes a side.

Good also on chicken or pork.

Serve over rice.

© 2009 Cooking for Dads

Cook well, Rob Barrett, Jr. Cooking for Dads

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