Rob Barrett Grills: Coke marinated steak

Rob Barrett Grills: Coke marinated steak

Life is hard to understand. What seems to be a bad thing so often turns into a good thing. It's that whole "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" thing.

I had just been booked for my first Twin Cities Live appearance, and they asked me to create a recipe for Father's Day. I worked hard on a collision of beer and steak, making it four or five times until I had it perfected. Two days before the show the producer called and asked if I would mind if the host brought her daughter along to cook. I said that would be fine. Then they informed me that the daughter was 3 years old.

The night before the show the producer called me again and said, since I agreed to cook with the daughter, I can't use beer. "See ya tomorrow," she said. So with only a couple hours left it was back to the drawing board. I remembered seeing something about cooking with Coke at the State Fair and wondered if that would work. So off I went to the store for another round.

The moral of the story is that the steak turned out great, even better than with the beer marinade, and I've enjoyed a nice long relationship with Twin Cities Live. It has quickly become my most popular recipe, has been made all over the world, and even got me a spot on the Today show. Here's the video of what happened on Today:

Here's the link to the video recipe.

So if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Otherwise Steve Schirripa will come and slap you, or something like that.

Cook well, Rob Barrett, Jr.

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