Road trip!: cheese, rhubarb and much more

This week check out twice the Road Trip! fun with not one, but two destinations for your travel adventures.

First, while this one is a pretty long drive, if you are coo-coo crazy about cheese it may be worth it: Friday-Sunday, June 5-7, check out the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival in Little Chute. This fabulous fest features cheese-carving, a cheese parade (Saturday morning at 10:30) and cheese-curds coming out-yer-ears.

Here's your map

Next, on Saturday June 6, mosey down to Lanesboro, MN., to celebrate everyone's favorite vegetable-that-seems-like-a-fruit, rhubarb, at The Rhubarb Festival . There will be exciting events like the Rhubarb Stalk Throw and something known as the Rhubarb Olympics. Plus, partake in the Rhubarb Rant--a forum for you to voice your opinion guess it... rhubarb! Be sure not to miss the entertainment styling of The Rhubarb Sisters. And, I am guessing there will also be some mean pies, bars, and crisps in the house. Call 800-944-2670 if you need more info. want a map? No problem! Click here