RIP Three Fish

RIP Three Fish

The decidedly non-bawdy Three Fish dining room.

When I think of St. Louis Park's dining scene, I always think
boisterous and pubby--McCoy's, Laredo's, Park Tavern--beer, buckaroos, and bowling.

But Three Fish wasn't like that, nor was it like the crowded, quick-service concepts beside it in Calhoun Commons, such as Chipotle, Noodles, Punch. It was the sort of understated place people forgot about when flashier restaurants (Tryg's, the View) popped up, but for neighbors, it was a gem. The classy, demure Italian/seafood spot (its owners also run Prima in Minneapolis and Minnetonka) had a nice wine list and a relaxing ambiance. Let's hope the prime corner spot, with its sunny dining room and breezy patio, doesn't stay vacant for long.

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