RIP Sauced


No more chicken skewers in coffee mole and orange-cilantro butter sauces...the most food-forward restaurant in North Minneapolis has closed.

We're truly sad to see this underdog go as we heartily supported owner John Conklin's mission to give northside neighbors broader dining options than homestyle diners or pizza joints or the adjacent suburban chains.

The easiest way to explain the gentrification of the space--from Penn Station to RIx to Sauced--is to compare the burger toppings: American cheese to jalapeño bacon to veal demi-glace.

And the Sauced "crack burger" was a real gem--possibly Vincent's only real competition for the Twin Cities Best Burger. We hope Conklin is able to bring it back, and we'll leave its description as Sauced's eulogy: "With its grilled sourdough bun, melty blue cheese, and roasted tomatoes--all ladled with velvety veal stock--it's an explosion of savory flavors, a bona fide umami bomb.