RIP: Mairin's Table


Mairin's Table -- otherwise known as the place you park when you go to Bulldog NE but are never quite sure it's kosher -- has closed according to a comment made on the local food blog "We Got Served" as reported via "Heavy Table." The restaurant's number has been disconnected, and reservations can no longer be made via its website.

Ok, so the Moroccan/American restaurant has been more than just a killer parking spot, with their Mediterranean flavors and tagine dishes alongside familiar staples like meatloaf and chicken marsala.

"We Got Served" gave the restaurant positive marks in April despite "eerie" silence at the outset and the restaurant's "unfortunate" location. We've observed that the restaurant also seemed to keep weird, unpredictable hours. The hours are not mentioned on its website.

Where else can we get tagine dishes in town?