RIP Loring Park's Bearcat Bar, we hardly knew ye

The interior of Bearcat

The interior of Bearcat Mecca Bos

How long before 1612 Harmon Pl. gets the "cursed" label?

Nick & Eddie closed in 2012. Cafe Maude went dark in 2013. A year later, Kim Bartmann's Third Bird swooped in, only to shutter last month. Bartmann & Co. quickly roared back as Bearcat Bar. 

And now, just weeks later, it's back to the drawing board for the space adjacent to Minneapolis' Loring Park. As of Friday, the Bearcat website simply reads "We are closed for business." Period. 

For what it's worth, our food critic loved the "laid-back drinker's bar." From Mecca Bos' recent review

"Bearcat Bar brings good food and drinks for the budget-minded. Plus there are a couple of arcade games so we can forget the troubles of the world for a few sweet minutes ... There’s something authentic feeling about the whole of it, and even with its lack of categorization, it feels like it could last a while, like the Bryant-Lake Bowl, also by Kim Bartmann, almost in its 25th year."

Not the case!

We'll miss Bearcat's chef-y tweaks on affordable bar food, plus its no-nonsense cocktail menu. But apparently that formula proved unsustainable -- at least near Loring Park. 

“It’s a tough location, a destination location,” Bartmann tells Mpls.-St. Paul Magazine's Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl. Axing the unprofitable Bearcat was done to ensure the financial viability of her other seven restaurants, Bartmann says, adding, "It’s sad. It’s the worst."

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