RIP Kitchen Window instructor Carl Antholz


Kitchen Window made a sad announcement last week: Carl Antholz, a long time staff member and culinary instructor passed away at age 66.

Antholz was known for his bushy white mustache and his robust passion for food, teaching thousands of students cooking essentials and leading them on his famous Carl's Market Tours.

I had the good fortune of sharing dim sum with Antholz one Sunday morning several years ago and very much enjoyed the way he shared his enthusiasm and knowledge of Chinese fare, sprinkling in several fun anecdotes.

At the end of the meal, we had left the good part of an order of chicken feet untouched--most people in our group chewed on one digit and then gave up. Not Antholz. Like an honorary Chinese, he gobbled the grisly little things in their entirety, and even brought the leftovers home.

Memorial donations will go to Hennepin Technical College Foundation for a culinary scholarship in Carl's name. Contact Kitchen Window for more information 612.824.4417.