RIP Indio


Were Pizza Nea and Indio not the right concepts, or is 1221 W. Lake St. cursed?

I've always liked Nea's pies and wondered why their Lake Street location didn't get the traffic of other nearby pizza joints like Dulono's or the Leaning Tower. Was it a touch too pricey?

I'm afraid that may have been the case for Nea's replacement, Indio, as most of its dishes were slightly more expensive than what most Uptowners tend to spend on a weeknight. The upscale Mexican concept (from Hector Ruiz and Erin Ungerman of El Meson and Cafe Ena) unfortunately closed its doors last week, and I didn't love all of Ruiz's experimental dishes, I'm going to miss the killer torta adobada, the 7 Mares seafood stew, and the coconut flan--as well as the restaurant's cheap-chic happy-hour.