RIP Bayport Cookery


Disappointing news for destination diners: The Pioneer Press is reporting that Jim Kynderberg has closed his restaurant, the Bayport Cookery.

Located in Bayport and known for its seasonal multi-course morel, garlic, and chocolate fests, the restaurant was arguably best spot for fine-dining in the far east metro since La Belle Vie left Stillwater. The restaurant was founded in 1991 by Kirk Bratrud (who now runs the fabulous Boathouse restaurant in Superior, WI), who sold the place to chef/owner Jim Kynderberg about a decade ago.

Kynderberg is quite a talent, so I hope he'll be back behind the stove soon. Also, the restaurant is a pretty space--very romantic with its fireplace, enclosed patio, and a wine bar, which was added last year--so I hope it won't stay shuttered for long.