Taco Cat masters the art of delivery

Here's how it begins: A couple of Jimmy John's delivery guys wonder why nobody is delivering tacos. "We're not that smart, so we figured there must be some fatal flaw to taco delivery," says Tristan Jimerson. "Surely people have tried it before and found that it couldn't work." But Jimerson and his partner Dan Laeger-Hagermeister don't leave it at aimless musings. They are lucky enough to have friends willing to party with them, make tacos, and answer the occasional call for tacos to be delivered by bike. So they do just that. Easy enough. Then word catches on. They get mentioned on the Current. They panic. "We were like, we gotta shut this thing down or we're gonna get in big trouble!" says Jimerson. But instead of shutting it down, they head in the other direction. They go legit, launching Taco Cat in Midtown Global Market. Read more about the little taco stand that could here. Photos by Sasha Landskov.