Emmett's Public House is equal parts Irish and Minnesotan

Emmett's Public House, Grand Avenue's new Irish pub, is no raucous, drink-your-weight-in-whiskey place. It's quiet, even a little tame, so much so that it's almost easy to overlook. Though Irish on its surface, Emmett's is at least in equal measure a Minnesota joint, an affable, something-for-everyone neighborhood bar. While Irish cuisine is having a bit of a culinary moment in the Twin Cities — Dan Kelley's and Halftime Rec are successfully elevating this peasant's food to cuisine — Emmett's has a more relaxed interpretation of Irish tradition. The menu is a mid-point between lofty ambition and pub grub. The St. Paul bar aims to please a common denominator, and usually, it succeeds at that pragmatic ambition. Read our full review here. All photos by Alma Guzman.