Dirty Bird, Upton 43's casual chicken annex, is now open

Cluck yah: Chicken and all the fixin's

Cluck yah: Chicken and all the fixin's

Upton 43, the nouveau Scandinavian restaurant in Linden Hills by chef Erick Harcey (Victory 44), has tongues wagging all over the place. 

It's been called the most ambitious restaurant in town right now, and we concur. But now, something has arrived for balance.

Dirty Bird, adjacent to Upton, is now open, providing the neighborhood with grab-and-go whole and half rotisserie chickens with all the sides, including mac and cheese, mashers with gravy, and shaved cabbage, plus some more inspired, springy Midwestern offerings like radish salad and peas with bacon. 

We also spotted a sandwich, soup, and salad of the day, plus a bunch of dipping sauces (chimichurri!) and a couple of sweet treats. 

Now open behind Upton 43

4312 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis