Cafe Racer Kitchen: The tour

In cycling jargon, a Cafe Racer is a lightweight motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort. Not a bad name for a food truck and a scrappy little cafe. But dig deeper and you'll find that these bikes were designed in Britain in the 1960s to travel between cafes along the newly built motorways. So jump on your bike and zip on down — it happens to be just off the Greenway if you're more of a pedal-powered cafe racer. The menu is tight and focused, as it should be. No burgers are served here; instead find a Colombian street dog, a kind of a wobbly, porky thing that goes by the name "salchicha" in Latin America. These are no-nonsense pork dogs that arrive without the snappy appeal of an all-beef Chicago dog, but come finished with pico verde, sriracha aioli, cilantro aioli, crumbled potato chips, pickled sweet peppers, and queso. Unless you're the biggest sort of curmudgeon, it's impossible not to enjoy this place.