Bluefox is on-point Indian food with a cozy atmosphere

An elegant atmosphere is too often the sacrificial lamb when a good Indian meal is the goal. Since much of the best stuff locally comes out of strip malls, skyways, and buffets, our ears pricked up at the first mention of Bluefox, with its promise of a cozy atmosphere, full bar, and full service. While some things still need tweaking — service was a bit slow and the ambiance is a bit lacking — the food is on point. Chicken Chettinad is a melt-your-will curry, with delicate, bone-in bird set in a thick stew of slow-cooked onion and tomato sofrito, fragrant with coriander, curry leaf, garlic, and chile. It's profound and tends to provoke wild cravings. Don't try to share. Kale pakora split the difference between health food and State Fair grub. An egg dosa is a big, toasty, dramatic affair with a delicate smear of egg clinging to its underside. It comes served with a trio of dipping sauces that ranged from bland (onion and chile chutney) to lick-the-ramekin-clean-and-then-order-another (the lively green raita). All photos by Tony Nelson.