Reverse Bloody Mary at Tilia: A build-your-own drink of the week

Pick your poison, from a faint blush to a deep red, with Tilia's build your own Reverse Bloody Mary.
Pick your poison, from a faint blush to a deep red, with Tilia's build your own Reverse Bloody Mary.

Reverse Bloody Mary Tilia $8

Life, it's full of choices. Sometimes too many choices, like that time we found a Bloody Mary bar with not one or two but over twenty different styles of tomato-based bottled mix, not counting hot sauces. When it comes time to pare down and simplify, try Tilia on for size. With its short but well-stocked menu and tidy but wonderful beer and wine lists, any choice you make will likely result in a positive experience. The Reverse Bloody Mary, in the absence of hard liquor or a banquet table's worth of garnishes, is beautiful in its utter simplicity.

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The "bloody beer" isn't a new concept, but Tilia's Reverse Bloody Mary gets an extra special touch from the house-made sangrita, a tomato-based concoction made from scratch, served alongside your pint with a wedge of lime. The beer of choice? Typically it's a PBR, although the Kolsch and the Lagunitas Pils were tossed around as possible options, too. The rest is up to you, specifically the decision to add a dash or go full-on with as much bloody as the beer can handle (you'll have to do some substantial pre-drinking before your mixing in this case).

It's a fun concept, elevating the "snit" or "chaser" to the main event of the drink, and like everything else at Tilia, it's simple but so flavorful. Sip one of these tall boys alongside a plate of chilaquiles, perfectly poached eggs pooling around roasted pork carnitas, or go all in and winter-hearty with big bites of the brunch bacon burger, washed down with your well seasoned lager.

Choices there will be, yes, but at brunch time at Tilia, Reverse Bloody Mary in hand, there are no wrong answers.

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