Reverie vegan restaurant is moving from 'challenging' Nicollet Ave. location

Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson

It was only recently that Reverie Cafe and Bar tightened up its mission.

As of January, the restaurant on the corner of Nicollet and Franklin would be an all-vegan, all the time. (Not a drop of animal product to be found on premises; not even a coffee creamer.)

Now, it seems like they’re gonna need better digs.

The location at the corner of Franklin and Nicollet has changed hands and concepts multiple times in recent years, so maybe it's a wonder they’ve managed to keep afloat for as long as they have.

Reverie's owners acknowledged that corner's apparent difficulties in their announcement: "Although we love our current location, the space is challenging for us and we are looking forward to moving to a new location where we can provide the best plant-based grub."

Though it promises an "update soon with more details," the statement did not give any hints about the new location, if in fact the owners have one in mind. "If you have any ideas for our future location," reads one line, "possible partnerships, or things you love about Reverie, feel free to contact us." (Those emails should go [email protected] )

The restaurant will remain open at its current location until the end of July. 

1931 Nicollet Ave S., Minneapolis