Reverie Cafe and Bar on Nicollet goes totally plant-based, but don’t call it vegan


Get plant-based Jackfruit tacos at Reverie. They claim to have sold over 10,000 of them so they can't be too bad. Photo courtesy of Reverie Facebook Page

Plant-based eating, or choosing foods without animal products of any kind, continues to gain momentum.

We included it in our top six trends to watch for in 2017, and offered a full roundup of new vegetarian-friendly restaurants for omnivores and meat-eschewers alike.

Even with the shuttering of longtime raw vegan stalwart Ecopolitan in Uptown, a few brave souls are taking the plant-based menu plunge headlong. Reverie Cafe and Bar on Nicollet has always offered an array of vegan options, but they recently decided to go to a 100% plant-based menu on January 23. They’ll also start serving breakfast.

The transition includes switching to plant-based beverage offerings, such as non-dairy products for coffee drinks, including a housemade cashew milk. You'll find no shot of cow's milk cream in your coffee here, folks. Not anymore. Not at Reverie.

Unique menu items include Jackfruit tacos, of which they claim to have sold an astounding 10,000 in 2016. Jackfruit does take on an intersesting meaty texture when prepared as such, and savvy BBQ pits around the country like to serve it smoked. Locally you can get it BBQ style at Bark & the Bite.

Also check out Reverie's animal product-free biscuits and gravy, Caesar salad, and even a “cauliflower po boy.”

Reverie owners Jeffrey Therkelsen and Kirstin Wiegmann choose to use the “plant based” label in order to be inclusive of all eaters.

“We know our food will be delicious for anyone — omnivores, carnivores, and veggies — and we want to be sure to use language that is welcoming and inviting. We see ourselves as a gateway for more people to try plant-based food and we hear over and over again that people don’t miss the meat.”

Reverie also serves beer (including gluten-free brews), wine, and kombucha, and hosts live music regularly.

1931 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapois

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