Restaurants: Openings, closings, and coming soon

Get all the coffees and all the waffles at the second location for Black Coffee and Waffle.

Get all the coffees and all the waffles at the second location for Black Coffee and Waffle. Facebook

How do you like it? More, more, more! More pub grub, more caffeine, more Kurdsish, Vietnamese, and Somali cooking. Our ever-growing restaurant scene groweth even more. 

The latest: 

Blarney Pub & Grill (second location) 

Where there are sport stadiums there must also be Irish pubs. It’s written in the stars. So Blarney Pub and Grill, a Dinkytown college bar, will open a new pub a block from U.S. Bank Stadium in time for the first regular season. They'll serve -- well you know what they'll serve: walleye, pork chops, and burgers. And beer. Lots and lots of beer. 

Blarney Pub & Grill’s first location is 412 14th Ave. SE in Minneapolis. 

903 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis 


Black Coffee and Waffle Bar 

Another second location is now open for the restaurant whose name says it all. Well, most of it all. In addition to black coffee, they serve all the coffees, plus all the waffles, including s'more, strawberry cheesecake, and "naughty." 

Now open 

2180 Marshall Ave., St. Paul 


Red River Kitchen at City House 

The far end of Lowertown and the direct other side of the river on St. Paul’s West Side are some of the most underserved areas for bars and restaurants in either city. Thankfully, that's slowly, slowly changing. Babani's Kurdish restaurant (see below) is opening a second location (read our full post here) in the old Wabasha Deli space on Fillmore Avenue, and now Red River Kitchen at City House is going to rescue the dining dearth on Shephard Road.

According to Mpls./St. Paul magazine, the people who brought you Republic are parking their food truck Red River Kitchen at the old park buidling (City House,) and that's where you'll sit and take delivery of your eats and drinks, which they'll produce on the truck. Evidently, there will be no brick-and-mortar on the site because it's on a flood plain. Food trucks: They come in handy in more ways than one. There'll be wine, beer and cocktails on tap, plus easy pub fare like guacamole, fancy nachos, classic salads, noodle dishes, plus sandwiches and burgers that might include a Cubano and a bison burger. Watch for it around August. 

258 Mill St., St. Paul

Babani's Kurdish (second location)

Babani’s superb scratch-cooking restaurant has the disadvantage of being located in one of the strangest corners of downtown St. Paul, overlooking the freeway and little else. If you haven’t dined there in the 18 years they’ve been in business, consider their upcoming new location as incentive. They’re going into the old Wabasha Deli space on the other side of the river from the Wabasha Avenue Bridge. 

32 E. Fillmore Ave., St Paul

Opens around September


Despite our large Somali population, many Minnesotans still haven’t tasted their cuisine. And that’s a shame, because it is delicious. With local cuisine influenced by years of Italian colonization, you can expect pasta along with African spices, sambusas stuffed with ground beef, even camel. But if you’re not down with any of that, Hiawatha’s new Somtaste even serves a burger and fries. 

4747 Hiawatha Ave., Minneapolis      

Blackeye Roasting (second location) 

Their calling card is coffee on tap, cold press in cans, and other non-alcoholic beverages on tap like kombucha and even horchata. The second location opens “any day” for your downtown Minneapolis skyway fix. 

Skyway level of 330 Second Ave. S., Minneapolis

Lu's Northeast 

Longstanding and great Lu’s Sandwiches has gone “Chipotle-style” in Northeast, allowing you to point and pick your pleasure with noodle bowls, rice bowls, and banh mi. Plus the best Vietnamese iced coffee in town, plus wine! Read our full first look here. 

Now open 

10 6th St. NE, Minneapolis 

Market House by D’Amico Catering at MN History Center and Mill City Museum 

The two Twin Cities museums have chosen D’Amico as their restaurant and exclusive caterer. 

D’Amico Catering is redesigning and relaunching the Minnesota History Center’s restaurant under the name Market House.

“Market House” touts “modern farm fresh” menus like Ploughman’s platters with local cheeses and meats, seasonal salads, hand-pies and scratch soups. 

D’Amico Catering will also create and operate a new restaurant at Mill City Museum, but it will not be named Market House.

Launch dates for each will be announced later this year. 

"Salad place" by Ryan Burnet 

If someone could revolutionize the salad bar game around here, it would be well, revolutionary. If you’ve visited a salad bar almost anywhere lately, you know it’s rarely where you really want to eat. But you gotta eat, so. But the restaurateur responsible for local favorites Burch, Barrio, and Bar La Grassa is aiming to change the fast, healthy, and affordable game around here. If anyone can do it, it’s probably him. The first location will be in Wayzata, and there are plans for more. 

Official name for “salad place” TBD, but we kinda like the ring of plain old Salad Place. 

Construction begins in August. 

755 E. Lake St., Wayzata 

Eagles at River Oaks, Cottage Grove 

According to the Pioneer Press, Cottage Grove will get a “destination restaurant” in the form of a supper club that overlooks the Mississippi. 

Opens this fall

11099 US-61

Cottage Grove


Christos in the Union Depot 

While they’re not prepared to announce who will become their new culinary partner, Christos has closed in the Union Depot. If you're looking for eats in the historic train station right now, check out Java Express for coffee, tea, grab-and-go items, and pastry. Union Depot says they’ll make the new restaurant announcement in coming weeks. 

Trattoria Tosca  

It opened a decade ago as a promising Italian bistro in Linden Hills by the people who brought you Turtle Bread. Adam Vickerman was opening chef, and he eventually went on to Cafe Levain, also of the Turtle Bread empire. Even though it lost its destination status after he moved on, they thrummed on for a decade, which is a long time in this biz.