Restaurant Cru: RIP


When I dined at Restaurant Cru, the Cities' northernmost outpost of upscale, locavore dining, I very much liked Heartland alum Rob Moore's fare, but worried that the restaurant was a little ahead of its time. It appears my fears were not unfounded, as Minnesota Monthly reports that the restaurant has closed and is reopening as Bricks' Pub. Sounds about par for the course of northern Central Avenue, between the daily bloody Mary breakfast at Nicklow's and the Planet of the Zombies Taco Burger at Space Alien's Bar & Grill.

Lately, it seems restaurants in the northern suburbs with any sort of culinary ambition (RIP Lake House) or even upscale sensibility (RIP Bella) haven't lasted long. What gives? Where do Blaine-ites, etc., go for something a little more special than a pizza joint or a sports bar?