Report: Uptown restaurant Coup d'Etat might become a Pourhouse bar

Star Tribune file

Star Tribune file

Since it opened in early 2014, Coup d'Etat has been one of Uptown Minneapolis' biggest restaurants. 

Literally: The space occupies two floors, with outdoor patio seating on both, while inside stretches for a good chunk of a city block on Lagoon Avenue. There are three bars (two downstairs, one up) and what feel like five or six completely separate seating areas; one could easily dine there at precisely the same time as a desired crush or despised ex and never know it.  

The arena-esque space was opened by the same team behind Borough and Parlour, who built on their reputations as cocktail artists. Last year, Coup d'Etat made a Food & Wine magazine list of "best cocktail bars in the United States." 

If any of this interests you and you have not been, don't delay. A report from the Business Journal says Pourhouse is looking to expand its burgeoning local bar chain into the Uptown neighborhood. Pourhouse is already taking over and converting the Library college bar in Dinkytown, and though co-owner Deepak Nath wouldn't reveal the exact location, the Coup d'Etat move sounds like a done deal. 

"Two sources familiar with the matter" said owners are in talks to aquire that space, while Nath said only that Pourhouse's imminent move to Uptown would be completed "by the end of the year." 

Pourhouse's downtown spot has the trappings of a typical (massive) downtown nightclub, with "VIP bottle service," massive dance crowds on weekend nights, a "25 foot projector screen and 50 TVs," perfect for watching the ol' sports game. 

That downtown Pourhouse also has concerts, a weekly "Liquid Thursday" 18-and-over dance party (free drinks with college ID, 10 to midnight) and other sporadic events; an October 13th listing advertises a "Bikini Boxing" night.

It's not clear how much of that atmosphere would make the move to the Coup d'Etat space if the deal gets done. Nath says downtown, where the first Pourhouse opened five years ago, Dinkytown, and Uptown are "so unique and special in their own ways," and the club will cater to them in turn. "Each location will have a unique aspect to them that make them more closely associated with the neighborhood they're in."