Repeal of Sunday alcohol ban not likely to pass this year, Senator Reinert says


It looks like Minnesotans will remain sober on Sundays for the time being. Senator Roger Reinert, the main force behind the effort to repeal Minnesota's Sunday alcohol ban told the Star Tribune that the repeal doesn't have enough votes to pass through the Senate Commerce Committee.

Reinert's focus is now being directed towards breweries and taprooms. On Wednesday, a hearing was held by the Senate Commerce Committee and Reinert's brewery and taproom bills both passed. The former will allow sales by small breweries, while the latter permits taprooms to remain open and sell growlers as well as 750-millileter bottles on Sundays.

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As for the larger bill that would obliterate the Sunday alcohol ban altogether, we may have to wait until next year.

"The bill's been laid over for possible inclusion in the liquor omnibus, which means it will probably be included in the Senate's version of the liquor omnibus bill," said Andrew Schmitt, the director of MN Beer Activists.

Though Schmitt acknowedges that there's been a lack of support and speed in getting the repeal off the ground, he remains hopeful that the partial prohibition will soon end.

"We're far behind the rest of the nation and it's time to step up and be a leader in the craft beer movement," he says. "It's something the majority of Minnesotans support, so we feel confident that legislatures are going to listen to the voters and not lobbyists."

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