Remembering McPunks

Back in the 80s, when surburban high school kids spent their Saturdays taking the bus to Uptown to peruse the cassettes at Oarfolkjokeopus, the Hennepin-Lake McDonald's was a neighborhood icon.

I came across this blog post, Remembering McPunks, which made me a little sad that McPunks is no longer so--it's really just a regular McDonald's these days--and that I couldn't actually pinpoint when things changed, when last punk rocker flatened his mowkawk, moved to Maple Grove, and got a job at Medtronic.

I was reassured by a Google search to find that at least McPunks has been memorialized by Wikipedia and this vintage Strib article, with the decidedly Minnesotan headline "Punk Rockers have some folks concerned at Hennepin-Lake."