Rejoice, ramen lovers: Tori Ramen is back in action after fire

They're back!

They're back! Instagram: Tori Ramen

Don’t everyone go dashing for noodles at once -- but Tori Ramen is up and running once again.

Yes, our prayers for a speedy ramen reboot have been answered. A little less than a month after announcing they had to go "back to square one" after a fire tore through their basement, the St. Paul eatery reopened over the weekend. (They announced the news in wondrously -- and perhaps unintentionally -- rhyming fashion on January 5: “Come one, come all, but try to spread it out because we’re a bit small.”)

After closing again on Monday and Tuesday -- don't worry, they're always closed Mondays and Tuesdays! -- the restaurant is ready to welcome broth lovers once again.

Some members of the Tori Ramen faithful didn't have to go too long without in the interim, as the shop cleverly sold off stock as 50-percent-off make-at-home noodle and broth kits. Half-priced bowls, you say? "It got pretty hectic," says co-owner Jason Dorweiler. Tori didn't turn a profit, but in a small victory, they did move all of their product.

Still, it's been a tough month, to say the least. Dorweiler says much of the downstairs space was trashed and that a lot of stuff had to be thrown away; the employee bathroom where the fire originated was totally wrecked and is still under evaluation by Tori's insurance company. There's some additional smoke damage to both their space and the one belonging to the upstairs tenant "that we will also be paying for," he says.

All of this is to say: Do you like Tori Ramen? Are you, perhaps, one of the hundreds of concerned neighbors who bought those discount kits or followed along with repairs on Facebook

That's awesome! In that case, we recommend noodling on over to Victoria Street sometime soon to show your support in the easiest, most delicious way possible: eating a hearty bowl o' ramen.

Just, you know. Not all at once. Spread it out.

Tori Ramen
161 N. Victoria St., St. Paul; 651-340-4955