Register for unlimited bacon at the Bacon Chase 5K and .05K

Everyone approaches exercise differently. For some, it's an optimal form of stress relief. Endorphins are released, heart rates increase, and obsessive thoughts are pushed to the wayside. For others, it's about staying fit. But for the vast majority of us, exercise is a way to justify eating copious amounts of unhealthy foods.

That's where Bacon Chase 5K and .05K comes in. Bacon Chase is a bacon-based race that will take place in Lake Nokomis Park in Minneapolis on July 19. The race is put on by Red Frog Events, a Chicago-based company responsible for Great Urban Race, Warrior Dash, Firefly Music Festival, and American Beer Classic.

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Bacon Chase participants have the option of sweating it out for an average 3.1 mile race or trudging their hungover bodies across a measly .03 mile course. The festival starts at 9 a.m., the 5K starts at 10 a.m., and the .05K starts at 11 a.m. Children as young as eight can participate in the 5K, and the .05K is open to all.

Regardless of which option they choose, all runners will be treated to unlimited bacon, a Bloody Mary, a t-shirt, and a bacon-scented bib at the end of their treks. But don't be alarmed if you cannot wait until the finish line to relish in meaty goodness -- bacon bits will also be available along the course.

If you register before midnight on Tuesday, you'll save yourself $5 and definitively silence any concerns about spending $25-$70 to binge on bacon after a race. Registration for the .05K is considerably cheaper at $25 for preregistration or $30 on the day of the event. Let's be real -- at that point, you're just paying for bacon and a Bloody Mary.

In 2013, Red Frog Events made a commitment to raise $25 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Bacon Chase participants are encouraged, but not required, to make a donation and become a St. Jude Hero during registration. Prizes for donating include costume pig ears and tails, racing towels, earbuds, and backpacks. For more information or to register, click here.

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